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Superior-selection real estate investing in above-average growth markets across Europe since 2009


Ekistics Property Advisors LLP (“Ekistics”) is a real estate investment advisor and, inter alia, the sole advisor to Ekistics Real Estate Partners I (“EREP I”), a pan-European, value-add real estate private equity fund. From its inception in 2010 until 31 December 2017, EREP I had deployed commitments totalling circa USD 221million across a variety of asset classes and Western European geographies, with a total gross asset value of circa EUR 497million.

Since its inception in 2010, EREP I has invested in a wide range of property types across the UK, Germany and Spain, deploying a total of USD 221million of equity to acquire or finance assets with a gross asset value of circa EUR 497million.

In selecting its investments, Ekistics applies a systematic, data-driven, methodology to identify those specific asset classes and geographies which stand to benefit from strong, fundamentally-based, real estate demand resulting from an alignment with distinct long-term trends that drive both the physical and financial demand for real estate. Within this subset, Ekistics seeks to identify those assets which offer opportunities for value creation through active asset management and the implementation of transformatory business plans, whilst also providing an element of de-risking through substantial yield generation.

Specifically, Ekistics targets controlling equity positions with a per-transaction equity ticket size of EUR 20-50million (plus leverage) in traditional and operating real estate in the UK, Germany and other selected Western European geographies.

The Ekistics team has in excess of 50 years and more than US$ 6.3billion worth of highly diverse investment and transaction experience, assembled during their current roles and while previously at Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan, Barclays and Lehman Brothers.

Our History

Ekistics Property Advisors LLP (“Ekistics”) was established in London in 2009 and is the sole advisor to Ekistics Property Investors I (“EREP I”), a pan-European, value-add real estate private equity fund which was established in 2010. Since inception, EREP I has deployed USD 221million of equity across thirteen investments of which nine have been successfully realized as of Q2 2018.

In January 2011, EREP I executed its first investment, the GBP 43.4million acquisition of a regional distribution center in Leeds, UK, let to Sainsbury’s (Project Hazel).

Since then, EREP I has invested in a wide range of property types (office, logistics/industrial, residential, hotel, data center, student accommodation and leisure) across the UK, Germany and Spain. Its current investments include London private rented sector (Project Jupiter, June 2016 & August 2015), Munich office (Project Neptune, September 2015) and second home development in Marbella (Project Mars, June 2015) and office campus in Manchester (Project Magnesium, May 2017). See here for all investments.

Since the inception of EREP I to the end of Q4 2017, the Ekistics has analyzed a total of 1040 opportunities representing GBP 47.4billion of gross asset value (“GAV”). As at 31 December 2017, of the 1040 potential opportunities analyzed, EREP I chose to execute thirteen investments, representing acceptance rate of only 1.3%.

Differentiated Investment Methodology

Ekistics applies a scalable, data-driven, systematic investment methodology combining the identification of fundamental long-term macroeconomic drivers that substantiate an asset’s underlying investment thesis with the detailed analysis of specific asset characteristics. This approach is complemented by highly meticulous micro market analysis, asset underwriting, financial analysis as well as legal, financial and technical due diligence.

Asset Management Expertise

The Ekistics team has built up significant expertise in value-add asset management, which it tends to implement in close collaboration with local operating partners. Based on its data-supported monitoring of asset level performance as well as micro and broader real estate capital market development, Ekistics delivers transformational asset management strategies and identifies optimal exit dates within the context of an asset’s life cycle and the real estate capital market within which it sits. This has resulted in a number of well-timed, successful investment realizations.

Experienced Team

The Ekistics team has a substantial, highly diverse experience of successfully investing across Europe (UK, Germany, Spain), and across asset classes (office, logistics/industrial, residential, hotel, data center, student accommodation and leisure). The team has in excess of 50 years and US$ 6.3billion worth of investment, advisory and transaction experience.

Track Record & Zero Capital Loss

The Ekistics team has a track record of zero capital loss with respect to all individual investments made within EREP I (both realized and projected). Out of a total of thirteen investments, nine have been successfully realized as of Q2 2018.

Strong Coverage Network

The Ekistics team has a wide and deep network of relationships with asset owners, financial institutions and market intermediaries in its key target geographies. Ekistics focuses on proprietary origination channels and seeks to avoid large competitive processes.

Significant Investment Discipline

As evidenced by the EREP I track record and coverage performance, the Ekistics team demonstrates extraordinary investment discipline, having executed thirteen investments out of 1040 potential opportunities analyzed, representing a 1.3% acceptance rate.

Business Principles

“Adherence to our business principles delivers superior economic success for our clients.”


Our clients and their capital come before all other interests.

Delivering success for our clients will also deliver genuine, sustainable success for Ekistics and the entire team.

We strive to deliver sustainable, market-leading returns to our clients.

Providing our clients with superior economic success builds our capital base and enables the retention and recruitment of our employees.

Our reputation, our people and our balance sheet are our most important assets.

We will not compromise with any of these assets, and we recognise and accept that our reputation is of the utmost importance.

We go to exceptional lengths to identify and recruit the right person for each and every position.

Talent is recruited one person at a time. Each person will be market-leading in their role and able to demonstrate the embodiment of the firm’s values through their professional and personal achievements.

We value teamwork and collaboration in all that we seek to achieve.

Each employee is encouraged to be innovative in their thinking. The results of a collective team effort will often surpass even the most exceptional individual talents. We do not tolerate selfish and self-promoting behaviour.

Our employees are uncompromising in their standards and committed to the firm’s shared values.

We believe that hard work and shared values are an integral part of Ekistics’ success.

We work with important people on confidential matters that are important to them, we do not betray their trust.

People and companies share their most important information with us. Our duty of confidentiality is absolute.

We are proud of our work, humble about our achievements and uncompromising in our standards.

Our clients expect market-leading work from us which reflects our absolute adherence to standards – we are confident that these things stand on their own.

We act with integrity – we are honest with our clients, our shareholders, our colleagues and ourselves.

We act with integrity – we are honest with our clients, our shareholders, our colleagues and ourselves